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Podcast Production for Internal Comms

Helping you to communicate with your home workers, field colleagues and leadership network – using compelling internal comms podcast productions.

Our experience is at your service – with over 1500 internal productions, interviews and campaigns produced. From weekly financial updates for the banking sector to programmes for field colleagues, our production team are ready to assist you with strategy and simplicity. Click to read more about our work.

How do you produce a podcast during lockdown? Here’s how:

How do I record a podcast with colleagues at home?

Good question! With Covid-19 lockdown, something we’ve been doing for years… is now a proven solution.

Using familiar services such as FaceTime Audio, Skype, Zoom and even a normal phone call. Just like you’d hear on the radio.

Our studios serve as a ‘hub’, allowing you to hold interviews and discussion with colleagues at different locations and platforms. We record at our end, and create your podcast, editing and mixing sorted. We can also provide a studio-based interviewer to facilitate and anchor. 

Bring colleagues together through the art of conversation.

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How do I record a podcast with colleagues at home?

Podcast recording kits ready to deploy

For situations such as wider-circulation, public podcasts or near studio-quality needs, we have remote contribution kits ready and waiting.

Our ‘podcast recording kit’ contains everything a participant needs to set up a simple studio on location, in the office or at home.

Link to our production centre using our kit and your smartphone or computer and we will record remotely, taking care of all the editing too. Or, record at your end and send to us for post-production at your convenience. Distance isn't a problem.

How do you distribute a podcast internally? 

Public platforms such as Spotify and iTunes, but this may not be appropriate for your CEO’s latest update.

We can help with internal distribution. Our internal comms podcast audio player is fully managed and incredibly easy to use. Simply send our special ‘Listen’ code to your colleagues via email, SMS, or internal feed, and we provide the method of playback.

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How do you distribute a podcast internally? 

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We're friendly, approachable and have specialised in podcasts for internal comms for many years.

Here are some ideas:

Podcast formats for leadership networks, featuring CEO, CFO and stakeholder interviews or CEO audio blogs. As a comms lead you can listen-in during the recording. Full editing and production support, and easy to co-ordinate.

Keep your colleagues informed and engagement high with a magazine-style format. Featuring news and information for strategic value, together with competitions and colleague updates to support wellbeing.

A popular format for our corporate clients, where we join conference calls and create a structured, edited version for use as a podcast. Perfect for those who were unable to join at the time, or repurposing the content for different audiences.

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