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Internal Communications Campaign Examples

We help internal comms teams create compelling and engaging content. We don't just produce podcasts - we solve a communication problem. Contact us to find out more.

Here are some bitesize case studies...

Communicating with field workers, without an intranet.

With over 250 episodes produced, our weekly front-line and field-colleagues programme ‘News Line’ provides an essential way to keep remote workers informed and engaged. We developed an on-demand podcast, in the style of a magazine programme. Lots of voices, a great selection of topics: news, interviews, results and strategy - helping 'cascade' information, in a compelling way.

Accessible from any mobile (or landline) device, our delivery platform enables the audience to listen to programmes at a time which suits them; this is a 24-hour operation including remote engineers repairing the network, and meter readers visiting customers. A layer of interactivity allowed listeners to choose which segment they would like to listen to.

Our analytics and tracking indicates popular segments, and those which aren’t so much. This allows us to, not only assist with content develop and strategy, but helps gauge effectiveness and ROI.

We can help you communicate with all kinds of remote workers - we have a great solution with stats and feedback. Click to get in touch.
Communicating with field workers, without an intranet.

Our experts are retiring. How can we retain what they know?

A project to capture knowledge from some of the firms long-standing experts, who were soon to be retiring. A range of compelling interviews were produced to create an experience archive which colleagues could download and listen to.


We need to counter uncertainty, and keep our team informed.

Audio based communications from the CEO to inform colleagues of developments during the service's period of franchise renewal, with minute-by-minute audience interaction insight (what did colleagues listen to) and content assessment (when did they 'tune out').


We need to improve engagement, across our sites.

Regular internal news programme consisting of leadership messaging and industry news, helping engage a network of hospitals. Our delivery system provided access to the podcasts without needing an intranet or an app.


We need to keep our leaders informed, business-wide.

A bi-weekly leadership programme in a ‘news radio’ style, with presenters and telephone interviews provided the top 1000 leaders with regular insight into developments and strategy. Text messaging would notify a new programme was available, with click-to-listen functionality.

Cloud Cloud

Our new CEO wants to engage our international, time-zoned operation.

Communicating with colleagues, on a global scale: Our work for this ground handling firm, provided their CEO with a unique way to communicate with teams across a diverse network. Not so much field, more tarmac.

Launched as weekly programming to introduce the CEO at his time of inception, the channel then evolved to provide regular news and engagement. Our delivery mechanism operated without the need for an intranet, enabling colleagues to access audio using any mobile device and on-demand (particularly important when communicating with multiple time zones), at a very reasonable cost-per-user compared to other digital implementations. Reports were produced to provide insight into engagement and content consumption on a region-by-region basis.

Listen to an excerpt:

If you would like to create a new leadership comms channel, we can get one up and running quickly! Click to contact us.
Our new CEO wants to engage our international, time-zoned operation.

Banking Sector

In addition to this, we also help one of the top global banks to communicate with teams across a varied range of sectors. Including: colleague news which helps engage a branch network familiar to many UK high streets; podcasts to discuss legislative changes and strategy (such as ring fencing) to a high-end leadership team; specially targeted content for the wealth sector, and updates specifically aimed at the agricultural market. 

Depending on target audience, content is produced for distribution via intranet, in bite-size form for email attachment, and also accessible via mobile device using our own platform. Secure content (such as share-holder comms) is shielded by an access-controlled PIN system.

We can help you communicate with your branch network or dispersed locations, with measurement and feedback (intranet not required!)... Click to send us a message.

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