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Internal Comms Podcasts for Field & Remote Workers

Providing engaging and cost-effective internal communications for field colleagues, non-desk employees and remote workers can be a minefield. Do you use print or email? Intranet or video? Can you really be sure your message is getting to where it needs to be heard? 

A recent ‘State of the Sector’ survey and report by Gatehouse found the most popular methods for digitally communicating with colleagues are: e-mail and intranet, which were used by more than 90% of respondents, and electronic newsletters and videos, which were used by 85% of those who took part.

 It looks as though printed material is on the decline with staff magazines used by less than half of the responders to the survey – and less than 20% of those using them rating them 'very effective'.  It’s also difficult to say how many have actually been read. 

Effective employee communication

So, a lot of organisations are relying on access to the web to get important messages across.  

Which is fine when your workforce has good internet connection.  But what about the thousands of people who don’t have access to emails or the intranet? 

Drivers, engineers, cleaners, factory workers, manual labourers, shop workers, and warehouse people aren’t sat at a desk all day in front of a computer.  Are they getting the messages they need when they need them?  

Is there another way to reach them?

Effective employee communication

Listen to us

Rather than relying on everyone having computers or picking up printed material, it’s possible for everyone to hear your message wherever they are.  

We’re experts in audio. We don’t use the internet or paper to get your message across.

We produce audio programmes that can be accessed by the whole workforce at the touch of a few buttons. Over many years we’ve had great success in helping CEOs, M.D.s, and managers communicate with their colleagues.


Listen to us


You’ll know if you're getting your message across as we’ll provide you with valuable statistics outlining how many listened, when and for how long.

Good employee engagement is a two-way system.  Our programmes allow colleagues to leave feedback so they know their voice is being heard too.

How we can help

How we can help 1

Our podcasts can be accessed no matter how remote the location.

How we can help 2

Anywhere, anytime - your message can be heard 24/7.

How we can help 3

We'll let you know how many people listened to your message and how long they listened for. 

How we can help 4

Your colleagues can leave feedback - so they know you're listening too.

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Want to know more about using audio to get your message across? Talk to us.