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Bring some Fresh Air into your organisation.

Our team consists of experienced audio communication professionals. With over 150 years combined experience, it's clear we've been doing it for a long time and need to get out of the office more. You can help by inviting us to yours.

IVR Review Services

Having written, planned and produced thousands of IVR prompts, we know a few things about what makes a good IVR. Whether it's stripping it back or making the most of a locked-down structure.

Podcast Training

You want to embrace podcasts internally, but perhaps you don't know where to start. How do you structure it? How do you create a trusted channel? How do you distribute it, with a dispersed audience and collect stats with no intranet?

Internal Comms

We have provided solutions to comms challenges. Such as 'launching' a new leader to a global business, dealing with crisis communications (you vs the wider media), and helping raise engagement scores amongst a disinterested workforce.

We can help you. Call 01752 229 246.

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Media Training

Whether you're an entrepreneur or solopreneur, a multi-national CEO or 'the one' who always gets sent to deal with the media, interview coaching can really help. With true-to-life studio and remote link-up experiences.

Podcast Scriptwriting

How we work with scripts, depends on what it's for. You could be working on a script for an IVR system, a radio campaign, a video, narration, presentation or speech. Our writers are available to help, so get in touch.

IC Podcast Workshops

We hold formatted workshops for internal communications, podcast planning and customer experience reviews. From facilitating input and discussions amongst stakeholders, to focus group testing. 

Fresh Air is a good thing. Call us on 01752 229 246.

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