Whiteboard Animation Video Case Study

Last updated 31st of January 2018

Author Lisa Hartwell

Whiteboard Animation Video Case Study

In our blog post on the 5 Brilliant Business Benefits of Explainer Videos, we looked at some of the reasons explainer videos can be so effective as marketing and training tools. This video goes behind the scenes of a recent project we worked on for eight2O - an engineering consortium led by Thames Water - and gives an insight into how we responded to the brief and the elements that go into a video like this one.

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This whiteboard animation video case study is aimed at an internal audience of eight2O employees, but the concept can be just as effective for an external audience too.

Responding to Brief

Our brief was to communicate how their balanced scorecard system works. We received extensive documentation on the topic but the aim was to make the overview as clear and easy-to-understand as possible, to appeal to a wide demographic. Oh, and we had to do it in 2 minutes! This meant pulling the most pertinent information out of the documents and creating a script, a storyboard and, eventually, a whiteboard animation that all colleagues could engage with. 

The target duration was challenging with so much information to get across, but the benefit of explainer videos is that audio and visial elements can work together and complement each other. This means that not everything needs to be said in the voice/audio track if it can be portrayed clearly and simply in the visuals (and vice versa).

Behind the Scenes

This whiteboard animation video case study shows you what goes on in our offices and studios as we conceive, create and put together the final production. You'll see the voiceover session, how we came up with some fun sound effects to bring the visuals to life, and how the artwork is pieced together to explain the different aspects of the eight2O scorecard system.

Whiteboard Animation Video Case Study

The end result is a video that explains the balanced scorecard concept and is very easy to follow. Imagine how something like this could be used for your internal communications and training, or to help in your customer service and marketing.

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