What are IVR Files?

Last updated 7th of April 2019

Author Lisa Hartwell

What are IVR Files?

In our other FAQ series video (What are IVR Prompts?) we cleared up some of the terminology surrounding IVR and automated phone systems. But what are IVR files and are they different from prompts? Watch the video below...

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There isn’t a huge difference and you may hear either of them used with the same meaning. 

However, strictly speaking, they should be used in different contexts.

Remember this call flow diagram, which shows the different possible journeys through an automated phone system? 

what are IVR prompts

IVR prompts are the stages of the journey and are each scripted to lead the callers on that journey; giving them options of where to go and how to get there, or “prompting” them to make a choice such as pressing 1 or 2 on their keypad or inputting relevant information.

Technically, IVR files are the physical result of these prompts; i.e. the actual recording of those scripted prompts that will be uploaded to the telephone system. Each file represents a prompt on the journey and will be uploaded to the correct place in that journey. 

So, if your IVR system provider asks you for your IVR files, they are asking for individual files of each prompt, recorded by a voiceover from the script that has been based on your call flow requirements. IVR files can come in different formats but that’s another video and something you would need clarified by your system provider and communicated to the production company supplying your files.

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