Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2020

Last updated 29th of December 2020

Author Lisa Hartwell

Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2020

It’s always interesting as we reach the end of another year to look back at the trends of that year. The media often produces retrospectives of the big stories but for 2020 it doesn’t take a TV show to pinpoint what we’ve all been doing and talking about! 

Like many businesses, we look back at the year to see what has worked and what may need to change. This year, we thought it would be interesting to share what people have been reading on our blog, not just for general interest but, maybe, to help you discover a blog post you missed that would be useful to you.

We’ve broken it down into the top 5 most read posts that were published this year, and then the top 3 posts that continue to be popular, regardless of when they were published.

Our Top 5 Blog Posts (published this year)

ImPRessive: Our Top 5 PR Podcasts

Before we knew how COVID would affect our lives – especially our working lives – we published an article on our favourite Public Relations podcasts, breaking it down into 5 podcasts and then a bunch of honourable mentions. One wonders whether this post would have been as popular if lockdown hadn’t happened. Certainly, 2020 became a year when podcast production in communications' industries seemed to skyrocket and we may need to create an update to take into account all the new PR podcasts.

French & Saunders "Titting About" at Fresh Air Studios

There’s no surprise that, with the continued popularity of this much-loved comedy duo, our post about the recording, which took place at our studios in Plymouth, would be a popular one. The podcast series itself was very well received and appears in numerous lists of the podcast highlights of the year.  Hopefully, we’ll be hearing more “Titting About” from French & Saunders in the future.

Add Your Voice to the New Plymouth Trails App

This is another post that doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, even though it was date specific and had a short shelf life. It was a call-out for people with authentic Plymouth accents to apply to become the voice of the new Plymouth Trails app. We had a flood of entries and the eventual winner - Suzy Bennett – is now guiding visitors around the sights of Plymouth, sharing the history and highlights of our fabulous city.

Case Study: Access4Lofts Franchise Training Videos & Communications

A less obvious post when it comes to popularity is the case study we created of our work with the franchise company, Access4Lofts, to help them produce training videos and internal communications for their franchisees across the UK. Other franchise owners must have found it relevant, though, perhaps due to the pandemic and the need to find alternative ways to communicate with franchisees.

Chamber Live: An Introduction to Podcasting for Business

Our fifth most popular post this year, and another surprise based on how recently it was published (November), is our Introduction to Podcasting for Business. This post was created following a Zoom presentation we did for Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce to help members and non-members get to grips with podcasting and what it could do for their business marketing strategy. Podcasting has been getting a lot of buzz over recent years and especially in 2020, but many SMEs are unsure whether it could work for them and confused about how to get started. Obviously, our post containing the video presentation hit a nerve both locally and further afield.


Our Top 3 Blog Posts (published before 2020)

Intermingled with the above blog posts are articles that were popular this year regardless of when they were published, either because they became more pertinent in 2020 or because of their timeless nature.

Why Do People Love Podcasts? 

This blog post, our most popular of the year overall, fits into both categories mentioned in the previous paragraph – timeless in its subject matter but also more relevant this year as podcasts become increasingly popular. Non-podcast listeners, especially, want to understand what the appeal is of podcasts while those considering creating their own podcasts are researching what aspects they need to include to appeal to their potential audience.

5 Benefits of Using Podcasts for Internal Communications

Anybody who follows us on social media or reads our blog will know that we are advocates of the internal communications podcast and have been for over a decade. More and more organisations are adding an audio channel to their internal comms and this article explains why podcasts can be so effective for this purpose. 

How to Write an IVR Script

One of our key areas of expertise as a business is IVR – interactive voice response – both as consultants (taking a look at your overall phone system journey and helping to make it more efficient) and as producers (writing, recording, editing and encoding system voice prompts). This article tackles some of the important aspects you need to consider before and during the writing of your IVR script. It’s a popular topic at any time but perhaps became more important during a year that required greater emphasis on effective remote communications instead of face-to-face.

What is Your Audience Interested In?

What are your most popular blog posts or articles on 2020? Do they reflect the upheaval of the year or are they timeless classics? Even if you don’t share your findings, it’s an interesting exercise and will help you uncover what your current audience is interested in and areas you might be able to build on. It’s clear to us that podcasting was a huge topic in 2020 but there were a few surprises along the way too.

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