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Last updated 30th of September 2021

Author Lisa Hartwell

Our Favourite Podcasts on International Podcast Day™ 2021

Today is International Podcast Day™ (#InternationalPodcastDay), a day to celebrate the power of podcasts. The team at Positive Purchasing has challenged us to come up with our favourite 5 podcasts to contribute to the celebrations and help them and others discover some new podcast gems.

We work with Positive Purchasing to produce The Procurement Show podcast, which tackles all the hottest and most interesting procurement topics. If you’ve read our recent articles on strategies for starting a small business podcast, you’ll know that we believe there are always ways to position your podcast in the market, even if there are other podcasts on the same subject. The Procurement Show does this very well. Take a listen to see how they manage to put a new angle on things to create an entertaining but informative podcast.

We’ll be sharing some of the podcasts we produce and are most proud of on our social media today, but we wanted to share the podcasts we love that aren’t our own productions in this blog post.

I asked different members of the Fresh Air Studios team to tell me about their favourite podcasts and why they loved them. You’ll probably know us a little bit better by the end of this post.

Our Favourite 5 Podcasts

Athletico Mince 

Hosted by Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson, Athletico Mince was the choice of our Content Producer, Mark. He said, “Originally envisioned as a regular football podcast, it has now morphed into a weird and wonderful audio sketch format that showcases the comic genius of Bob Mortimer. Characters include Barry Homeowner, a highly successful businessman who likes to promote his UK persona and life sphere via his LinkedIn profile.”

Purified from Nora En Pure

Purified is the pick of our CEO, Paul Philpott, who you may not know loves his music and especially enjoys discovering artists that may never be considered mainstream. He says, “This is a music podcast from South African-Swiss DJ and deep house producer Nora en Pure. A continuous mix of deep and melodic house, chilled vibes and progressive techno. Not only does it provide you with something good to put on whilst working or perhaps when friends are round for drinks… it’s a great way to discover new releases. If you like music with a modern, relaxed vibe, you’ll love this.”

Titting About

I said we wouldn’t include podcasts we produce and, strictly speaking, we can still add this as we aren’t the producers of this wonderful podcast, but it is recorded at our studios in Plymouth. Titting About was the choice of our Media Production Manager, Martin, and it illustrates that even if you aren’t a regular podcast listener, you can still find a podcast that fully captures your attention.

Martin told me, “I don’t really listen to a lot of podcasts. Those that I do, tend to be mostly film or music based. The only podcast series I’ve listened to all the way through is actually the French & Saunders podcast ‘Titting About’, partly because we worked on it but also because – even if I hadn’t been involved – I would have listened because I was a big fan of French & Saunders when I was a kid.”

Dan Snow’s History Hit

Not many people know that I’m a bit of a history buff, so the next podcast is my choice. There are a lot of history podcasts available, but Dan Snow’s History Hit is my favourite. As well as being well-researched and presented, a new podcast is released daily so, if like me you can’t listen to every single episode, you can dip into the topics that interest you most and you’ll always find something good. The podcast also links history to current events when it’s relevant; for example, yesterday the subject was the history of James Bond to coincide with the launch of the new Bond film.

Apple Bitz XL with Brian Tong

Finally, a joint decision. Some members of our production team are real technology and Apple fans. The Apple Bitz XL weekly podcast explores the latest tech releases, rumours, apps and tips from the world of Apple and beyond. Brian Tong used to work for global tech publisher CNET until branching out on his own. This podcast is honest, funny, entertaining and perfect for mobile, laptop and other device geeks.

What Are Your Favourite Podcasts?

We could wax lyrical about many more podcasts, but these are our joint 5 favourites. What are your favourite podcasts? Share them with us on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.


 Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

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