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Last updated 4th of July 2018

Author Lisa Hartwell

Is it Time to Create an Internal Corporate Podcast?

Email, text messaging, intranet, instant messaging, print newsletters…there are so many ways of sharing your important internal communications, do you really have time to add another channel to the mix? And will it be worth the effort? How do you know if it’s time to create an internal corporate podcast for your organisation?

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1. Current Channels are Falling Short

Ever feel like your communications are falling on deaf ears? We've all become overwhelmed by the amount of emails or digital messages we receive every day and it’s easy for the important stuff to become lost in the pile or to make the decision to “deal with it when I have more time” and then forget about it. Similarly, not all people respond well to written communications, especially if they’re wordy. Podcasts could be the answer to keeping those employees informed in a different way.

2. Remote Workers are Missing Out

Consider how many of your workforce are non-desk, field or remote workers. Keeping these employees engaged with your organisation can be much harder. They may receive all the written communications but accessing them can be harder and words on a page are not as good at making people feel connected as hearing those words spoken. A 3-minute podcast every week from the leadership team could go a long way to making these workers feel part of the greater organisation and brand strategy.

3. Employees are Requesting More

Transparency is one of the key words being used around internal comms in 2018 because so many employees are fed-up of working for organisations that try to cover-up problems and changes. Research has shown that millennials want to work for companies that have a strong brand they can get behind. 

If your employees are asking for more information from their leadership teams and more connection with the overall company mission, one of the easiest ways to do this is to provide regular leadership podcasts. Hearing the CEO or MD or CFO providing updates, being honest about business challenges and managing change, all leads to a more honest and transparent working environment. Happy and informed employees are your brand’s best ambassadors and that results in a better customer experience too. 

Test Your Teams

Unlike some other internal comms channels, corporate podcasts can be set-up and tested quite easily and cost-effectively. Depending on your delivery method, you should be able to track how many are listening to the podcast (or, at the minimum, how many are downloading it) and set-up feedback options to find out how receptive those listeners have been and what questions they might have as a result.

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Not all employees will want to listen to podcasts, just as not all employees visit the intranet or respond to instant messaging, so it’s worth targeting different teams with different podcasts to find out what works and what doesn’t. For example, managers may prefer to listen to top-level company news including financial reports and strategic planning information, while customer-facing staff might prefer a more general overview of the company - news that specifically affects them and how they do their jobs. Office staff who are in front of their screens all day and can easily access email, intranet and instant messaging as part of their daily routine may be less inclined to add podcasts to their day than a non-desk employee who would like to catch up on important information while travelling between customers or on their commute.

Time to Create an Internal Corporate Podcast?

Current channels falling short? Employees missing out or requesting more? Or do you simply feel that a new channel would be better for delivering engaging, honest leadership-led communications? Then NOW would be a good time to create an internal corporate podcast.

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