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Last updated 19th of February 2020

Author Lisa Hartwell

Internal Communications Podcasts: CommsChat Q&A

As regular participants in CommsChat (a weekly Twitter discussion on communications’ topics), we were delighted to help lead the discussion this week (Monday 17th February) on using podcasts in Internal Communications. It’s obviously something we’re passionate about and we took it as an opportunity to show how audio can be used to enhance or complement other communications’ channels. 

How did we do this?

As well as offering written comments and interactions on the various topics, we created real-time mini Twitter podcasts to provide further thoughts. Following, is a roundup of our and others' thoughts on the different internal comms podcasting topics as well as the audio we produced (they are in the form of Twitter videos due to the fact Twitter doesn’t accommodate audio on its own).

Each topic produced a lot of discussion and valuable information, so we’re going to take each one as a blog post on its own to make it easier to digest. You can also read and export a pdf of the full transcript here on Wakelet.

Topic 1: Are there some scenarios or uses in which podcasts can work really well (in internal communications)

We always recommend that you do your own research to see if there are those in your organisation who would benefit from podcasts for internal comms. You should consider those who struggle to access other comms channels and determine whether audio would be an asset to them. 

Our experience over the past 12 years has shown that podcasts particularly suit field workers, remote workers, customer facing employees (or any employees that do not have a desk or easy access to an intranet), and international teams across time zones. 

Also, GenZ employees find it a format they're familiar with and access regularly outside of the working environment. 

And we've seen it work well on a management level, especially across multiple business locations. It can be a direct link to leadership and high-level business news and updates. 

Part of Your Internal Communications Strategy

In the mini podcast, our CEO, Paul, urges listeners not to produce podcasts for the sake of it and this is something that comes up later in CommsChat. Podcasts are trendy right now, but make sure they are needed and an integral part of your strategy.

Podcasts are useful when emotion is a key aspect because it captures the tone of voice of the message. They can be useful in team meetings where the information delivered needs to be consistent. 

Listen to more from Paul and Martin below:

Time Poor Audience

CommsChat participants continued this idea of accessible listening.

Nikki Roberts pointed out that podcasts can provide more depth to a topic and certain audiences will appreciate being able to listen at their own convenience, such as during their commute. 

Keith Lewis said that they had researched podcasts but (as we discovered with Twitter) not all platforms support audio. He was talking particularly about Facebook’s Workplace, so they were having to turn audio into videos.

Opportunity to listen is an important consideration: will your employees make it a part of their routine? Will they listen out of work hours? More people are listening to podcasts than ever before; will they be prepared to add your organisation’s podcast to their mix?

In the next blog post, we’ll look at deciding on your podcast structure and how your audience might factor into your decisions?

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