How to Market Your Internal Communications Podcast Channel

Last updated 29th of June 2020

Author Lisa Hartwell

How to Market Your Internal Communications Podcast Channel

We’ve looked at why you might need an internal comms podcast, as well as how to test, structure and distribute it; topic 5 in our CommsChat series on podcasting is how to market your internal communications podcast channel.

How to Market Your Internal Communications Podcast

Our experience over the past 12 years has been that, apart from initial email notifications or posting on the intranet, the marketing of the internal podcast channel is too frequently ignored or given low priority. This is obviously not the case with all clients and some are marketing their podcasts regularly with great success.

As with an external podcast, a "one and done" is not going to help you see a good return on your investment. 

Listeners and potential listeners need to be reminded regularly that the podcast exists and when it’s updated. “Out of sight, out of mind” is a cliché but it’s true! Even your most passionate listeners can forget about tuning in when they have so many other things going on in their work lives.

Another thing to consider is that sharing via your other internal comms channels may not be enough. There may be channels that some employees don’t or rarely see (such as your intranet) or channels that just aren’t popular with the majority of employees.

Marketing Your Internal Comms Podcast

There are many ways you can market your podcast to your target audience including: text message updates, push notifications, and posters with QR codes to the latest episode in key locations. Using the podcast in different ways can also help. For example, they can be listened to and discussed in team meetings. Podcasts needn't be a solitary experience. 

If you feature different teams and employees in podcasts – as presenters, interviewees or within news updates and stories – it will encourage word-of-mouth recommendations. Podcast presenters should also respond to any questions or feedback they receive, letting employees know they are being listened to and encouraging further discussion. Never underestimate the power of peer-to-peer marketing.

Who is Your Audience?

Paul and Martin have some further ideas, starting with knowing your audience…

What Did Other CommsChat-ters Think?

Debbie Aurelius seconded the value of word of mouth advertising: “I saw a survey outcome recently that showed, despite our suspicion that 5 star reviews attract an audience, word of mouth recommendation is by far more effective. Get people talking about your #podcast!”

Chuck Gose was all for re-purposing any content you create: “Every episode is a treasure trove of content. Audio can so easily be converted to other formats, including video and text. This variety will attract a variety of audiences. And the variety of tech / networks helps.”

Catriona Fountain suggested a face-to-face approach: “For field staff I would still expect to do quite a bit of leg work to market a podcast, eg visiting team meetings and talking about it, spending time with them in their work base.  Most of all, as already said, featuring some of the people who you hope will listen.”

Hopefully, this has given you many ideas on how to reach your network of employees with news about your internal communications podcast channel. One of the key reasons podcasts are used as an internal comms channel is because they are more accessible than other channels for remote and non-desk employees, so make sure you find ways to let them know it exists, otherwise it’s a wasted resource.


We're experts in all aspects of creating and distributing internal communications podcasts. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss how we can help you start your own podcasing channel on 01752 229246. 

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