How Often Should You Publish Your Internal Comms Podcasts?

Last updated 15th of July 2020

Author Lisa Hartwell

How Often Should You Publish Your Internal Comms Podcasts?

In this final article in our series on internal communications podcasts, we look at the frequency of your podcasts. Is there an optimum schedule for how often you produce and share your internal comms podcast? 

The place to start with answering this question is to take a look at your research. Even if you’ve never had a podcast before, something prompted you to start one. Your research will show where employees feel there is a gap in your communications and that can help to determine how regularly a podcast should be added.

Who is Your Podcast for?

What information are you sharing, what is it’s purpose and who is your target audience? 

If you're starting a podcast for a particular event or occasion, then the amount of information and the time period for releasing it will determine how many podcasts you produce and how often. Similarly, if the aim of the podcast is to keep people informed of news across the organisation then you need to decide how regularly you will have updates and enough information to share and fix it into your schedule – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

If you want to keep non-desk, remote and field workers connected then a quick round-up podcast each week might be better than an occasional long monthly one (remember what we said previously about keeping people’s attention), but a CEO-led podcast aimed at managers may only be required when important changes occur.

Can You Stick to Your Podcast Schedule?

An important consideration is whether you can keep up the momentum once you set a schedule. Can you get enough interviewees or time with the CEO? Will the podcast channel lose priority to other channels once the podcast is settled in and the initial excitement of a new channel is over? One of the hardest aspects of creating a podcast – whether internal or external – is being able to keep to the schedule after you launch.

Paul and Martin have some great advice about choosing your podcast schedule and, more importantly, sticking to it…

What Other CommsChat-ters Said

Catriona Fountain said, “Depends who it is for and what it is on.  I wouldn't want to do it too often.  But I guess the important thing is making sure the audience know when the next one is out and then sticking to that!”

We responded with the suggestion that if you know you can't keep up a weekly/monthly podcast that you could create a series instead, with X episodes each and a break in between (this is a format followed by many successful external podcasts). 

Debbie Aurelius suggested it... “Totally depends on context - maybe your podcast is sharing the highlights from a week-long conference, so you need twice daily updates; maybe you publish a ‘round up’ or ‘deep dive’ once a quarter - so many possibilities with this medium”

Chuck Gose summed it up with the last sentence in this tweet: “I have heard that if your goal is to create a truly loyal audience, weekly is the target. But that’s also a big ask. The best thing you can do though is be consistent.


Thanks for reading this and the other articles in this series on internal communications podcasts. We’ll let Paul and Martin have the final word….

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