How Are You Sharing Your COVID-19 Safety Procedures with Customers?

Last updated 9th of July 2020

Author Lisa Hartwell

How Are You Sharing Your COVID-19 Safety Procedures with Customers?

Last week I took my elderly mother for her first shopping trip since lockdown began. Where did she choose? The Age UK charity shop, of course (we needed more jigsaws after completing 17 in 3 months)! Like many people, she seems to have become bogged down by all the rules and guidelines the government has been publishing (and changing) over recent weeks, so I tried to break things down for her to the basics she would need. Even then, she struggled with simple things like not touching her mask constantly, following the floor markings and keeping 2 metres between herself and other shoppers – she had a jigsaw in her sights and almost tackled someone for it!

It made me conscious of just how difficult it is for business owners to lay out clear and memorable instructions to customers, visitors and employees in order to follow government guidelines and, more importantly, keep everybody as safe as possible. My mother may be elderly but she’s an intelligent woman who would still be working if COVID-19 hadn’t forced her to stay at home. But it’s easy for everybody to be so caught up in the detail that they become overly anxious and forget something.

Animated COVID-19 Safety Procedures Videos

One of the ways we’ve tried to overcome that struggle for our clients is to create animated procedure videos that break things down into simple steps. The combination of visual and audio cues makes each step memorable and more likely to be remembered long-term. We take the most pertinent information and cut out anything that doesn’t apply or will add confusion.

They can be adapted for different situations, such as this one created for Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, aimed at visitors to their offices:

 Working in Homes

While this video for the Access4Lofts Franchisees to share with their customers explains how on-site workers will keep the customer safe and what they expect from each homeowner in return.

 Social Distancing on the Move

You will see that each video has elements that are the same and they offer much of the same information but are focussed on the specific business or situation. Imagine having this video playing on a loop on a monitor in every bus to reinforce social distancing measures…

 Preparing Your Customers

And gyms may not be open yet but many of them have already adapted their businesses for when they are given the green light. A video like this one could be playing on tv screens within the gym and be compulsory viewing before members are allowed back in.

Break It Down, Keep It Simple

How are you explaining your safety measures to customers and employees and reassuring them that your business is COVID-secure? Are they finding your guidelines easy to follow or struggling with the detail? Consider breaking it down into a simple format like these videos to get your point across clearly and memorably.

If you'd like to know more about our animated Covid-19 Procedures Videos and how they could help your business, please call us on 01752 229246.

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