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Last updated 11th of May 2020

Author Lisa Hartwell

Enabling Employee Communications & the Future for SMEs [Interview]

Recently, our CEO Paul Philpott was interviewed by Kevin Kelway of Dorcas Media for a new PR magazine about how we are navigating the current crisis. 

Watch the video to find out more about the two different strands to the business, media (podcasts, whiteboard videos, consulting) for internal communications and SMEs, and IVR telephone audio.

Paul talks about how we are supporting our clients in dealing with the changes forced upon them by COVID-19 and helping them to continue to communicate with their employees remotely, while maintaining a high level of engagement. He also suggests what may change in the future due to the crisis and how businesses can adjust to accommodate these changes.

Enabling Employee Communications During Lockdown

Businesses have embraced the concept of working in the digital sphere and working remotely due to the lockdown, and we are in a position to work with these organisations to facilitate this new way of working. We’re already helping many of them engage will employees with interactive podcasts and magazine programmes to supplement other communications.

The technology that exists now enables people to get started with these kinds of communication channels immediately and on their own. We encourage individuals to try it for themselves and “give it a go” so they can see the benefits of this media.  People tend to turn to us as a business to offer a more polished “icing on the cake” product once they’ve discovered how powerful and useful these channels can be.

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What Are the Opportunities for SMEs in this Crisis?

The international stage is more open than ever because people are seeing the possibilities of digital technologies. For example, pitching in person to large corporations is a very expensive process that closes the doors for many small businesses like ours but has often been a requirement, and organisations are now seeing that it’s unnecessary. We can also embrace collaboration and distance working through technology.

Small businesses are in a good position because they can put measures in place without battling with the red tape that many larger organisations have to deal with. Be creative, be positive and reach out to organisations who can help, especially if you’re struggling to stay in business during the crisis. 

How Have We Adapted?

Obviously, we can ‘t bring clients into the studio for “broadcast quality” recordings, so we’ve created some remote programme contribution kits that we send out to clients to help them connect to us remotely in high quality. 

Paul suggests that, if you are a business owner, you find a small number of other business owners who you can trust and share your problems with each other; use them as a sounding board. Approach the Chamber of Commerce or other organisations that help SMEs and local businesses. Get an outside view on what you are doing and could be doing in your business. 

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