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Last updated 9th of March 2020

Author Paul Philpott

Case Study: Access4Lofts Franchise Training Videos & Communications

Running a franchise operation requires consistency and an excellent level of service delivery. These are key to customer satisfaction, reputation, and overall franchise growth. We’re delighted to have completed a 3-month project for Access4Lofts Franchise, to produce both training and internal communications material to help them achieve these results. 

Franchise Training Videos
As is the nature of internal and business-confidential material, we are limited in the content we can showcase here 

Consisting of training videos, reference material, podcasts for field-based colleagues and other resources, the comprehensive toolkit will ensure their network of installers are well informed on franchise developments and have fast access to essential information, including step-by-step content to assist in more technical installations.

Franchise Training Video - Compact Cameras
Compact cameras were use to fit into small spaces 

 Exceptional, coherent delivery standards are essential for this franchise network, as it holds a Which Trusted Trader marque in recognition for its quality and strict process management.  

 Access4Lofts operates nationally and provides loft ladder, boarding and storage solutions to domestic and SMEs with 27 franchisees across 31 territories (and growing).

Franchise Training Video - On Screen Graphics
On screen graphics to show measurements and angles 

The material we helped produce has also been deployed within structured training, including new franchise induction, as Lindsay Brown, Access4Lofts' Marketing Director, explains: 

"Training our franchisees is key to our success. The step by step videos Fresh Air Studios produced for us were initially intended for use as post training support. However, they have become much more than that. The videos are now used during our training course. 

Franchisees watch the 'how to' videos first, before embarking on actually installing the products in our purpose built training area. In addition, they have become the star of the show at our franchise discovery days. 

To be able to show these high quality videos enhances our franchise offering which in turn makes us an even more attractive business opportunity."

If you would like to find out more about our services for franchise training and communications, get in touch on 01752 229246.


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