Remote Podcast Contribution Kit

Last updated 4th of June 2020

Author Lisa Hartwell

Broadcast from Anywhere with a Remote Podcast Contribution Kit!

There are a multitude of ways to record audio and interviews for internal communications podcasts. We offer studio recordings, phone recordings, ISDN, video and telephone conferencing options, and Facetime. Before COVID-19 was ruling our lives, we had put together a remote podcast contribution kit (or a remote programme contribution kit, since it isn’t limited to podcast recordings) for clients who wanted to record interviews from different locations (such conferences and workshops) as well as record a broadcast from wherever they were but at a better quality than could be achieved on their phones.

What’s in the Remote Podcast Contribution Kit?

Inside there is everything you need to record good quality audio as well as link up to our studios so we can record and edit your broadcast. A good quality microphone and a solid microphone stand are possibly the most important aspects of recording anything, but we also include headphones, adapters, pre-amp, cables, dongles, leads… Watch the video to see our CEO Paul taking you through the contents and the extra cool case it comes in!

After recording, you can send us all the audio and we’ll edit and produce the final podcast or project.

Remote Podcasting from Necessity

Recording podcasts remotely was already something we had been doing for many years, both for internal communications and for business podcasts. After all, your CEO might be in New York while your Head of Customer Services is in Glasgow and an employee you want to include is in Cardiff. Location should never be an obstruction to producing your podcast.

Of course, with social distancing restrictions and more people working from home, remote recording has become a necessity. Thankfully, we had these kits ready to send out to clients who could no longer travel to our studio or one of our partner studios but who liked that broadcast-quality sound. Here’s Paul explaining more on week one of the lockdown…

Podcast Recording Options are Endless

As we have all discovered during remote working, the software options for conducting remote conference calls are many and varied. The great thing about these remote podcasting kits is that we can use them in conjunction with your favourite software – Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams – to record the best audio possible for your next podcast or audio-visual project.

It's like having your own personal recording studio, whatever your location!


If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you produce an internal communications podcast for your organisation or you think our remote programme contribution kits could help you with another project please give us a call on 01752 229246.


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