Benefits of Pulse Surveys

Last updated 1st of November 2018

Author Lisa Hartwell

7 Benefits of Pulse Surveys to Assess Company Culture

Many large businesses have already discovered the benefits of running an annual employee engagement survey to assess how employees feel about working for the organisation, its brand values and the overall company culture. However, the benefits of pulse surveys, run on a more regular basis throughout the year, are just as numerous. As the name suggests, a pulse survey takes the “pulse” of the business at any given time to gain an almost immediate understanding of the mood and engagement of employees.

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7 Benefits of Pulse Surveys

What can a pulse survey offer that is different from a yearly survey?

  1. Almost instant feedback and resultsNo waiting weeks for data to be collated and analysed.

  2. Improved engagement because your employees see that you care about what they think and supply a channel for them to provide their feedback. 

  3. More focused on topical issues. With a pulse survey you can take a current topic of concern and immediately receive feedback. Bigger surveys require weeks or even months of formulating questions, encouraging participation and then collating results. Not very useful if you want a reaction to a sudden management change or recent update in processes, for example.

  4. Enable incremental change. Yearly surveys tend to encourage bigger changes to policies and the working environment that need to be implemented over time. Pulse surveys can offer insights into ways small improvements can be made weekly or monthly.

  5. Quicker completion time resulting in higher response rates. Usually, a pulse survey can be completed in a matter of minutes. Let's face it, nobody enjoys filling out a long survey and it can be a struggle to impress upon employees the need for them to complete the yearly survey. 

  6. A higher response rate means a more accurate view of what your employees are feeling.

  7. Cost-effective. Yearly employee engagement surveys can be expensive because of the time and expertise involved in creating, collating and analysing this kind of data. Pulse surveys can often be done in-house with the aid of an accessible delivery and collation mechanism.

Overall, regular pulse surveys can be a valuable addition to any organisation’s efforts to improve and develop employee engagement and company culture.

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