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Last updated 29th of August 2018

Author Lisa Hartwell

5Ws and an H of Internal Business Podcasts

You’ve decided to explore adding podcasts to your internal comms strategy; after all, they’re becoming increasingly mainstream and offer a range benefits. But, where do you start? Time to tackle the 5Ws and an H of internal business podcasts (or the who, what where, when, why and how?).

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We’re beginning with why? not who? in this list, because it should be a question you ask before you even begin to plan your podcast. Why do you need a podcast? Our articleIs It Time to Create An Internal Corporate Podcast can help with that thought process.   


Who is your podcast aimed at? Knowing this is vital because it impacts everything else – the content, style and delivery of the podcast. Be aware that if your target audience is too broad you may find it harder to persuade them to listen as the content will seem less relevant to them. Instead, consider different podcasts for different employees within your business or, at least, focus on those most in need of this form of communication.


What will your podcast be about and what style will you use to present the information? Will it be interviews with the CEO and/or other members of the leadership team, or will it be a magazine-type programme with multiple voices delivering different news and stories from across the organisation? The what? of your podcast is linked to the who? because the content and style should be designed to appeal to your target audience.

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Where will employees be able to access the podcast? The more options you give them, the more likely they will be to listen. Consider a download option, streaming it on the intranet and a direct dial option to accommodate employees in different situations and so they can access the podcast at times that are convenient for them...not you.


When will your podcast be released? Will this be a weekly podcast, bi-weekly or monthly? How will you schedule this into your internal comms? A regular podcast, released at the same time each week or month, is important to maintain your listeners. If a podcast becomes part of your employees’ routine and then doesn’t appear when expected, they will stop or forget to listen. You also need to take into account whether your internal comms team can keep up with that schedule, especially if there are factors outside your department that will influence this. Will the CEO always be available for a regular recording? How quickly can the podcast production be completed, and podcasts uploaded? 


The final question is how can this be achieved? How are you going to record your podcast, whether it’s interviews or presenter-led? How will you piece it all together and produce a final, professional sounding programme? Naturally, we recommend you use a professional production company to handle the technical aspects of creating a podcast, but even if you don’t, do you have someone or multiple people with the technical expertise to handle these tasks?

Internal business podcasts can be a valuable addition to your internal comms channels and asking these questions before you get started will help you produce something that will endure and be welcomed and supported by the whole organisation.

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