Benefits of Explainer Videos

Last updated 11th of July 2017

Author Lisa Hartwell

5 Brilliant Business Benefits of Explainer Videos

What Are Explainer Videos?

Let's begin with some basics: explainer videos are short, simple videos that use animation and/or graphics with a soundtrack to introduce a business, explain a concept or process, or show how the business can provide solutions to specific problems. Due to the duration (usually 1-2 minutes) they tend to break information down to its simplest form while being visually entertaining. The benefits of explainer videos are numerous and one of the most popular styles is the whiteboard animation video

Whiteboard animations and explainer videos are an excellent way for your business to communicate visually, whether for marketing, training, internal comms or just about any other need you can imagine. Click here to get in touch or call 020 7100 7986 today

5 Brilliant Business Benefits of Explainer Videos


Explainer videos offer the double whammy of being both visual and auditory. As mentioned in our previous blog post on business video marketing, 65% of people are visual learners. Add to this the fun style of explainer videos, and you’ll find information presented in this way is understood and retained longer. 


One of the key benefits of explainer videos is they force you to break down even the most complex of topics into its simplest form. When you only have 2 minutes to work with, you are forced to prioritise what is said and focus on straightforward solutions and benefits.


Explainer videos are not branding videos per se but they do enable you to give a brief overview of your brand and establish who you are, what you do and how you do it. These are much more effective than a standard business branding video as well as showing viewers that your brand has a personality.

Viral (or at least increase online interest) 

We can't guarantee that your business explainer video on replacing floor joists (or any explainer video) will be shared by millions across social media, but your target audience is more likely to share a 2-minute explainer video with others than a blog post or a 15 minute in-person how-to video.


The difference between an explainer video and other videos is that their purpose is to take complex information and make it easy to understand and digest. This means more people will see it and value it. Just as viewers are more likely to share a 2 minute video, they're also more likely to watch a 2 minute explainer video through to the end than something longer and more complicated. This in turn is going to increase your conversion rates, turning viewers into buyers.

 The benefits of explainer videos can give your business marketing a real boost online, and with the ongoing rise of online video popularity and the increase in videos being shared, it’s a trend that shouldn’t be ignored


If you would you like an explainer video to give an overview of what your business does, explain a new process or demonstrate how a product works, we can help. Call us now on for more information and to discuss your needs on 020 7100 7986 or click here to find out more about our whiteboard animation videos and view them in action.


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