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IVR Voice Prompt Recording and Solutions

IVR or Interactive Voice Response (also known as automated phone systems or telephone menus) receive a lot of bad press, but done in the right way they can provide effective and efficient IVR solutions to callers, free-up the time of employees for other tasks and save your business money.

Many callers will tell you that using an interactive system is stressful and confusing. It’s one of those situations where they don’t notice when it’s done well but definitely express annoyance when it isn't. We’ve come across many problems with IVR systems over the years. Here are some of the main problems we've identified and the benefits of a great IVR system...

Why Do IVR Systems Have a Bad Reputation?

  • Voice, style and language of the IVR do not reflect the business’s brand. You choose all other aspects of your marketing carefully to reflect your brand; your phone system shouldn’t be any different. In fact, it’s more important as this is often your customer’s first and main point of contact with your business.
  • Caller’s journey is too long and inconsistent. This is caused by overwritten scripts, additions to the system over time and multiple employees making changes with no consistency or IVR awareness.
  • Losing sight of the aim of an IVR. Businesses can forget that an IVR is there is improve the caller’s experience and help them find answers quickly and efficiently. It should also make the business more efficient. Have you tried using your own IVR lately?
  • Poorly written, ambiguous and repetitive instructions. Who writes your scripts? Do they consider the caller’s full journey or just the section they are responsible for? Do they know what has come before and what happens next? Unless the journey flows, the result is frustration and confusion for your callers.
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Why Do IVR Systems Have a Bad Reputation?

Creating a great customer experience via an intuitive IVR system

Developing a superior IVR brand representation for the Private Banking division’s high net worth clients.

Developing and producing an audio brand identity that truly stands out

Efficient Solutions

Help callers find the information they need faster or put them in touch with the right person who can help. No more going around in circles on an interactive system or being passed from one department to another.

Efficient Employees

Ensure the right people receive the right calls. No more calling other departments for answers or having to transfer callers. No more answering the same questions repeatedly. Know what their query is about before even speaking to them.

Save Money

Most large businesses and call centres are charged per minute for incoming calls. A quicker more efficient IVR will give callers the answers they need faster. Your workforce will also be more efficient and avoid unnecessary enquiries. 


We’ll help you choose the right voice for your brand, create scripts that reflect that and ensure a consistent style across the whole system. Your IVR will have the same tone and style as your other marketing materials.


If your IVR system isn’t working for you, we can take a fresh look and offer solutions. These may include re-branding but we’ll also look at the entire interactive journey, the purpose of each stage and offer suggestions for improving your callers’ experience.


We’ll help you select your IVR “voice” from some of the best voiceovers in the world. Our specialist producers will record and supply you with each voice prompt, encoded and ready to upload to your system.


Once you have the IVR system in place that reflects your brand and works well for your business, we’ll help you update it with new prompts whenever you need them, ensuring you preserve the style and tone of voice and maintain an efficient and effective call flow.

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